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Vanity Fair: Her Royal High Notes

Aaaaahhh I was at a masterclass where she told us she’d just been at a very fun photoshoot…she looks beautiful. Also can we please put opera singers in all major fashion magazines like…now?

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Joyce DiDonato in the title role of Maria Stuardaat the Metropolitan Opera. Photos by Sara Krulwich. (x)


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Edith Mathis sings “Nun eilt herbei” from “The Merry Wives of Windsor” by Otto Nicolai (and also Shakespeare I guess…)

I have to sing, I feel like if it didn’t come out, it would be like a cancer, it would be like something inside that is stuck and trapped. I feel I have to sing, and when I do sing, I feel like I connect to something much bigger than myself.

If I could have a career like anyone, I would want it to be this wonderful woman.

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Renee Fleming sings “Or sai chi l’onore” fromDon Giovanniby Mozart

Oh ‘Nee…it’s okay. Your dad’ll get him in the end!

Bryn Terfel sings “non piu andrai” fromLe nozze di figaroby Mozart

Somehow, even though I am sick to death of hearing every remotely low male voice sing this aria, I still love it…especially when Bryn sings.

Placido Domingo sings “Una furtiva lagrima” fromL’Elisir d’amoreby Donizetti

Oh my god I’ve never put up a video of Placido Domingo. Problem solved.

Anna Shafajinskaia sings the final aria from Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk District by Shostakovitch

Skip over to 5:30ish to hear the aria proper. The whole thing’s worth a watch for sure!

Toby Spence sings “At Night” fromThe Turn of the Screwby Britten

I typed the word Quint and got legit shivers up my spine. Ghost stories as opera!

Nadine Secunde sings Katerina’s arioso fromLady Macbeth of Mtsensk Districtby Shostakovitch

It is almost halloween so let’s hear some scary arias! For sure Shostakovitch’s totally traumatizing opera would qualify…